Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Day 8/9 - Skiing at Serre Chevalier Vallée

This is coming up a few days late but I wrote it on Sunday!

Before this weekend I hadn't skied in over 2 years. I had switched to snow boarding, but I decided to ski while in France because I'm less likely to injure myself on skis.

Saturday was our first day here, the conditions were pretty good. Good snow and not too sunny. We skied from 10:30 to 5. We're staying in a little chalet with some friends of Clara's family. The reason we came was for Mathieu's (Clara's dad's godson) 18th birthday. Saturday night his parents surprised him with snowmobiling up to a restaurant up the mountain. There were 5 snowmobiles, I rode with the guide and everyone else doubled up. I got to drive at the end of the way back which was awesome! 

Right now it's Sunday and we just met up with Clara's dad Pascal, brother Thibault, Mathieu, his brother Étienne and their dad for lunch. Clara, her mom Sylvie, Mathieu and Étienne's mom and I didn't ski today. Right now I'm sitting in the little chalet, I'm looking out the window and I honestly can't see anything because it's snowing so much.
Dessert at the restaurant up the mountain.
 Tiramisu, raspberry something, lemon tart and
whipped cream with crunchy toffee pieces. 
The weekend was super fun, it was so exciting to ski in the Alps! Were going skiing again somewhere else during the next break. 

View of the mountain from the parking lot.

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