Sunday, 16 March 2014

Day 33-37

It was basically just a few days of skiing at Alpe d'Huez, it was fun and the weather was great. It was sunny every day I just wore a tank top under my jacket one day. The snow was best and the top because it started to turn kind of soupy towards the bottom of the mountain. At night we just ate dinner and hung out then went to sleep early everyday. Another family came to join us after half of the first family left...there are always a lot of people coming and going! We drove back to Grenoble yesterday and picked up some McDonalds on the way, we just chilled at home for the rest of the day. Today we had people over for lunch and the meal was super long...but delicious, first course was a salad with romaine lettuce, clementine orange pieces and vinaigrette, next was some sort of meat (possibly chicken) with some cooked carrots and what I believe was couscous, next we had cheese and baguette, then raspberries with white chocolate mouse and chocolate and salted caramel eclairs. Back to school tomorrow :( dang

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