Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Day 32

Ok so this is late because no wifi in my room yesterday and I was way too tired.

This is what I did on monday :)

So I woke up late (it wasn't my fault), and Clara got super mad...so I kind of ignored her all day as pay back for her unnecessary rudeness. It was day 2 of skiing at Alpe d'Huez and it was a super gorgeous day, the snow was amazing. We went to the second level (I think) twice, the first time was great but the second time the wind was crazy and it was so cold and hard to move! We ate lunch at a restaurant on the mountain and I can't exactly remember the name, I got a "Manhattan Hot Dog" but it wasn't barbecued so it tasted pretty bland (totally a personal opinion). We went to La Folie Douce for a bit in the afternoon, La Folie Douce is a restaurant that turns into a club at about 3 in the afternoon, so we needed a parent to get in, we got iced tea and hung out but the music is kind of bad so we left after 20 minutes or so. We skied until 5 then went back to the apartment, I showered and then went with Clara to meet her friend who's skiing this week too. Whenever we go out with her friends we kind of just stand around so thats what we did. We went back to the apartment and had dinner then I re-watched the Hunger Games for the 15th time and went to bed!

view from the restaurant at lunch
in the other direction there were a few people dancing on tables

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