Friday, 11 April 2014

Day 64

Haven't written in a month because life got really boring but I decided to do an update. This week was really good, on monday I got to go into the city with Joia, one of my Canadian friends I met on the way here, we see each other at school but since schedules are so complicated and we have to eat using our exchange partner's meal cards we don't get to spend much time together. We shopped and took some pictures, it was really fun. On Wednesday I got to see another Canadian friend, Kestrel, who lives not too far from Clara but I didn't get to see for two months, we actually go to the same school in Canada and we started to become good friends just a little while before we came to France so it was amazing to see her. We walked around the city from 3pm until almost 7, we were laughing the whole time and had to call our friend Victoria so she could go on Google Maps and find H&M for us (we still got lost). It was great to see a good friend and explore Grenoble together, the whole time we were kind of in shock that we were in Europe together. I'm having a really good time :)

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